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Audience Watch Hours – 1000 Hours

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Watch time is very important to get your YouTube channel monetized

Public watch hours is a metric used by Google to determine eligibility in its YouTube Partner Program. It measures the total time viewers spent watching all videos you’ve set as public on YouTube (in hours).

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Here are a few things to keep in mind to know about the issue of YouTube public watch hours not updating.

Types of Videos
According to the new rules, YouTube has set new guidelines for what does and does not count as watch hours. The watch hours can be gained through the following types of video; that are not included in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

        • Private videos,
        • Unlisted videos
        • Deleted videos,
        • Ad campaigns,
        • Stories and Short Videos

They’ve fine-tuned this too, by also not counting the watch time from:

1. Active live streams
2. Paid promotion through Google Ads campaigns
3. Views of non-monetizable content
4. Viewing your own videos from either the Edit or Watch pages.

Periodicity of Uploading

They have also set guidelines for the periodicity of video uploading. According to which the videos must be uploaded regularly to be counted under the YPP program. One more thing to remember is that only the watch hours of the past 365 days are counted to encourage new videos.


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