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Digital Business Card – Corp

INR ₹4,500.00

Digital business cards are completely germ-free— no physical contact is required to send or receive a virtual card. Electronic business cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Using a smart business card means information can be updated at the touch of a button— no waiting for new cards.

  • Banner & Logo
  • Name & Designation
  • Company’s Name
  • About Company
  • Phone, Mobile & WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Services
  • Social Media – 4
  • Save & Share Card
  • File Format: Pdf & 1 – Web page
  • Business Hours
  • Appointment
  • Testimonials
  • QR Code Enabled


Business Cards are essential for all kind of businesses irrespective of their field and size of business. Nowadays, business cards are used not only to share contact information but also to build business brand. Virtual Business Cards are electronic formats of paper business cards which display your business details and contact information. You can easily share your cards on your smartphone itself. You can check how many people have clicked and visited your card through analytics. It’s easy to track.


Quick and Easy Access

Clients can get quick access to your key contact information provided on the digital business card.
Unlike paper business cards, your clients don’t have to search for your card, take the phone, type your number to call you. Your clients can easily communicate or contact you for business queries via a click.

Your customers can call you just by clicking on the call button provided in your card. They can also easily mail you by clicking on the Email link and send a WhatsApp text. Your customers can save your contact details in their smartphone just by tapping save to phone option.

Cost Effective

Digital Business Cards are the best cost effective way to attract client’s attention without spending much and with less efforts. For small businesses, the cost of designing and printing paper cards is very high. But In Digital Cards, there is no printing required, you have to spend only for designing. So the overall spending is less compared to traditional visiting cards.

Easy to Share

Most of the business people attend meetings and conferences to share their business cards and collect new customers cards. Digital Business Cards easy to share via Email, Social Media, SMS, etc. The people in your network and customers can also share your card to others with just a click.

Stand Out

You can stand out from the crowd and make an impression since not everyone is using digital business cards. It’s a great way to show that you are unique and up to date.

Attach Media

Digital Business Cards allow you to attach media files with your card so that you can give more information and story about your brand to your customers. You can attach videos and sign up forms and other external links.

Unlimited Space

In case of traditional business cards, you have to consider the space, texts, information, design and you have to put up everything in a limited space.
In digital cards, you have enormous space to include your website address, social media accounts, phone number and a lot more.

Easy Update

In traditional paper cards, If you want to update an information, you have to reprint the cards. But Digital Cards allow you to do it within minutes. It also automatically update people in your network about your changes made.

Easy Customization

Digital Business Cards are easy to customize. You have to incorporate new elements and redesign if it’s a paper business card. In Digital Cards, you just have to choose the brand color,typeface and include contact detail, etc.


You can see how many people clicked and visited your digital business card. You can track the actions taken on your digital card.


As you don’t print your business cards, you don’t have to use papers. This eliminates the need of cutting trees for paper.


Digital Business Cards are useful

  • To showcase your business like who you are and what you do
  • To share your business contact details
  • To turn them into a direct marketing tool to fetch leads
  • To make it easy for people or your customers to access your information through their smartphone
  • To create your brand identity by attaching the story behind your business from the start in the form of videos
  • To impress clients by making a good impression of your brand by the way of your logo, brand colors and other details placed in appropriate places
  • To store all your contacts in one place

We are living in a world where everything is turning into digital. We contact with people online. We do business online. We create our business brand online. We are engaged with our smartphones 24/7. So why don’t we have a digital business card to reach more people and network with them?


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