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eBook Distribution

INR ₹15,600.00

eBook Distribution / eBook Submission.

The eBook publishing process is getting your book out there where readers can easily find it. Through our major online book retailer and library partners and our relationship with Ingram Digital, your eBook will be sold in the online stores that currently account for over 98% of all eBook sold*.

We help you to get assigned your book an ISBN (if it needs one): An “ISBN” is a unique identifying number for your book that is required for some retailers to keep track of sales data and book information—and a listing in Bowker’s Books in Print database, which will allow all booksellers to easily find your book.

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No fee is charged for applying for ISBN.

Our network of Online Publishers currently include:

Retail Partners
24Symbols (Spain)
7Switch (France)
Amazon (worldwide)
Apple/iBooks (worldwide)
Backflip Technologies (USA)
Baker & Taylor (USA)
Bibliotech (UK)
BookMate (USA)
BookShoutBooks (USA)
Booktopia (Australia)
Casa Del Libro (Mexico)
Chegg (USA) (Australia)
Feedbooks (France)
Gardners (UK)
Glose READD, Inc. (USA)
Google Play Books (worldwide)
Hoopla Midwest Tapes (USA)
HummingbirdDM (USA)
ITSI (South Africa)
Kobo (worldwide)
Lix (Denmark)
Libreka (Germany)
Libri Gmbh (Germany)
Microsoft (worldwide)
Perlego (UK)
Redshelf Virdocs (USA)
RockASAP (India)
Scribd (USA)
SpoonRead (USA)
Vi-Da Global (Mexico)
VitalSource (USA)
Wook Porta Editora (Portugal)
Zola Books (USA)
Library Partners
Baker & Taylor (USA)
Bibliotech (UK)
Bibliotheca LLC Cloud Library (USA)
Bolinda Borrowbox (Australia)
EBSCO (Canada)
Feedbooks (France)
Follett K-12 (USA)
Gardners (UK)
Odilo (Spain)
Overdrive (USA)
ProQuest (USA)
Vi-Da Global (Argentina)

*We can guarantee that your book(s) will be submitted to and made available to all these retailers, but it remains at the retailer’s discretion which books they choose to carry. Virtually all the retailers, especially the major ones are not selective but some are.


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